Why us

The Politi-Calls team is comprised of specialists in immediate program implementation catering to clientele with short notice programs and concrete deadlines. We are one of the industry leaders in total call center quality services and client satisfaction. Utilizing the latest technologies and state of the art equipment, we bring to the table the best of all aspects of contact center services.

Politi-Calls has extensive success in a full spectrum of Contact Center arena. We’ve put our 20 plus years at the table in commercial and political contact industry’s knowledge, experience and expertise to use for you. Developing a model of unsurpassed quality and concept to ensure your vision and reputation on the road to success. We know how to get your name and message heard.

  • U.S. based and located in multiple states throughout the nation – 100 percent on shore operations providing Accent neutral professionally-trained agents year round 24 hours per day.
  • U.S. Based and located on shore Bilingual ¬ providing clients with access to multiple dialect/language representatives.
  • Scale of capacity – Politi-Calls has the ability to meet your service needs with seamless immediate ramp up and or shut down. Offering clients access to capacity of over 2 million calls per day year round.
  • Project lead time – Outbound projects active within 2 hours, inbound projects within 48 hours and with the capacity to handle over 100 million calls per year through U.S.-based agents.
  • Full spectrum multi-channel capabilities – reaching targets through voice, web chat, email response, interactive voice response (IVR) , mobile marketing, and text to target.
  • Dedicated program concept management – achieving optimum results through attention to message and method with versatility to accomodate your need for changing goals and targets in a fluid and urgent implementation needs arena.
  • Unsurpassed quality assurance –quality and goal performance focus utilizing on-site monitoring and client live or recorded monitoring, web based client interface for performance views throughout the day.
  • Outreach representative concept training – Representatives are trained to your specific program needs. Our representatives are trained to not view themselves as telemarketers, but to take on a role of opinion neutral research representatives. Assuring the highest level of quality and performance for your program success.



  • George Washington(1789-1797)

  • John Adams(1797-1801)

  • Thomas Jefferson(1801-1809)

  • James Madison(1809-1817)

  • James Monroe(1817-1825)

  • John Quincy Adams(1825-1829)

  • Andrew Jackson(1829-1837)

  • MartinVanBuren.jpg(1837-1841)

  • William Henry Harrison(1841)

  • John Tyler(1841-1845)

  • James Polk(1845-1849)

  • Zachary Taylor(1849-1850)

  • Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)

  • Franklin Pierce(1853-1857)

  • James Buchanan(1857-1861)

  • Abraham Lincoln(1861-1865)

  • Andrew Johnson(1865-1869)

  • Ulysses S. Grant(1869-1877)

  • Rutherford B Hayes(1877-1881)

  • James A Garfield(1881)