About our Political Outreach Concept

Local elections to Presidential, special interest, advocacy issues, and grass roots. Politi-Calls has extensive success in Political Calling arena. We've put our 20 plus years at the table in industry knowledge, experience and expertise to use for you. Developing a model of unsurpassed quality and concept to ensure your vision on the road to victory. We know how to get your voice and message heard.

The Politi-Calls team prides itself in providing the flexibility and versatility you need to assist you in fulfilling the scope of your project.

In today's political climate, it is necessary to address the need for changing goals and targets in a fluid and seamless manner. We are your greatest supporters.

  • Your message your way
  • Same day reporting
  • Next day reporting
  • State of the art data integration services
  • Script writing services/ script flow assistance
  • Instant on the fly script change capabilities
  • Flash reports
  • We can accommodate same evening launch if materials are received two hours prior.
  • We can assist you in meeting your deadline
  • We guarantee our rates will beat our competitors.
  • Professionals that care about the message potential voters are hearing.
  • 1500 available seats on short notice.
  • Expertise in what works
  • 7 days per week calling capabilities.
  • Full spectrum of calling services on-site.
  • Your message, your way.


  • George Washington(1789-1797)

  • John Adams(1797-1801)

  • Thomas Jefferson(1801-1809)

  • James Madison(1809-1817)

  • James Monroe(1817-1825)

  • John Quincy Adams(1825-1829)

  • Andrew Jackson(1829-1837)

  • MartinVanBuren.jpg(1837-1841)

  • William Henry Harrison(1841)

  • John Tyler(1841-1845)

  • James Polk(1845-1849)

  • Zachary Taylor(1849-1850)

  • Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)

  • Franklin Pierce(1853-1857)

  • James Buchanan(1857-1861)

  • Abraham Lincoln(1861-1865)

  • Andrew Johnson(1865-1869)

  • Ulysses S. Grant(1869-1877)

  • Rutherford B Hayes(1877-1881)

  • James A Garfield(1881)