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    Opinion Outreach Contact Representatives are not employed to generate sales leads or attempt to sell anything. Their job is reaching out to respondents to gather opinion data and information only. Information collected is confidential and is the property of the Client conducting the research study. Outreach representatives contact respondents by telephone. Opinion Outreach Contact Representatives are assigned to programs based on their experience, skills, and ability to remain neutral.


    POLITICAL PROGRAM OUTREACH REPRESENTATIVES are not employed to generate sales leads or attempt to sell anything. Qualifications for this portion require opinion neutral representation and accuracy in recording the opinions of the respondents. The information obtained is confidential and is the property of the Client. These programs are sensitive in nature and require professional non-partisan representation. 
    Through accurate and consistent recording of respondent opinions, the Political Program Outreach Representatives play a key role in ensuring accurate opinion statistics to clients is all areas of political and consumer marketing fields. The opinions you capture assist in new product development, national advertising efforts, political representation, constituent statistics and service improvement among many other uses. Most importantly you assist individuals in realizing their opinion can matter.
    Positions Available:

    • Part time/Full time
    • Flexible hours
    • Weekend availability is not mandatory but is appreciated
    • Typing skills – 30 wpm minimum
    • Personal interview
    • Basic computer skills
    • Meet minimum standards on a literacy skills test
    • Spanish language bi-literate skills are a plus
    • 1 week paid training

Pay and Benefits
• Varies with skill level
• Hourly with incentives
• Training Philosophy
• Full training will be provided. All Employees earn PTO days based on job performance.

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  • George Washington(1789-1797)

  • John Adams(1797-1801)

  • Thomas Jefferson(1801-1809)

  • James Madison(1809-1817)

  • James Monroe(1817-1825)

  • John Quincy Adams(1825-1829)

  • Andrew Jackson(1829-1837)

  • MartinVanBuren.jpg(1837-1841)

  • William Henry Harrison(1841)

  • John Tyler(1841-1845)

  • James Polk(1845-1849)

  • Zachary Taylor(1849-1850)

  • Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)

  • Franklin Pierce(1853-1857)

  • James Buchanan(1857-1861)

  • Abraham Lincoln(1861-1865)

  • Andrew Johnson(1865-1869)

  • Ulysses S. Grant(1869-1877)

  • Rutherford B Hayes(1877-1881)

  • James A Garfield(1881)